Lifting Products

H Spreader Beam With Safety Hooks


H Spreader Beam With Safety Hooks


Multi point lift beam


Multi Point Lift Beam


6 tonne Lift Frame


6 tonne Lift Frame
Under Load Test

Spreader Beams


Key Features


Up to 250t capacity.
Designed and built to order.
Manufactured & tested in house.
Adjustable length & width beams.
Standard sizes available off the shelf.
Multi-point lift beams.
Modular beam assemblies carried on stock.


Data sheets


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Coming Soon!


We can design, manufacture and supply lifting and spreader beams or build to your specifications. We are able to repair, service and test all types of beam in our workshop. Please contact our sales staff for further information.

Bulk bag lifting frame


Bulk Bag Lifting Frames


Modular spreader beam


Modular Spreader Beam