Lifting Products

CR rail clamp


CR Rail Clamp


RP rail pulling clamp


RP Rail Pulling Clamp


MR multi rail clamp


MR Multi Rail Clamp

Rail Clamps


Key Features


CR Single Rail Clamp


Developed to lift single rails
Designed to fit most types of rail section.
Narrow profile for easy attachment to stacked rails.


RP Rail Pulling Clamp


Used for pulling single rails.
Fits to most rail sections currently in use.


MR Camlock multi-rail clamps


Designed to facilitate the fast, safe bulk handling of rails.
Used as a minimum in pairs retaining the rails rigidly.
Eliminates the necessity of levering rails into position.


MRC Camlock multi rail clamps


Designed for bulk handling of rail sections.
Used in pairs and retains the rails in base flange position.
The MRC has interchangeable combs for different rail types.


Data sheets


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We can repair, service and test all makes of rail clamp in our workshop.

TH wheel clamp


TH Wheel Clamp


CR rail clamp


CR Rail Clamp

MRC multi rail clmp


MRC Multi Rail Clamp