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M<orris toolbox lever hoist


Morris Toolbox


Yale Uno lever hoist


Yale UNO

Manual Pullifts / Lever Hoists


Key Features


Rugged steel body construction
Can be operated from any position
Lightweight, compact and portable
Easy free chaining
Safe, reliable mechanical brake
Full 360 degree rotation of the operating handle
Up to 15t safe working load
High tensile alloy chain
Roller Chain
Stainless Steel Units Available


Data sheets


Click the link to the Data sheet you require in PDF format.

Morris Lever hoists PDF
Yale Lever hoists PDF
Hackett Lever hoists PDF


We supply many other makes of leaver hoist and can repair, service and test all makes in our workshop.

Morris PL lever hoist


Morris PL






Hackett leverhoist


Hackett Lever Lift